Nairobi National Park

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Nairobi National Park is located just south of central Kenya right next to and within the Nairobi city region.  Travelers landing at the Nairobi airport can literally see the park and potential wildlife as the flyover and land at the airport.   

The national park encompasses an area of 45.26 square miles (117.2 sq km) and was the first national park established in Kenya.  The park is smaller than most Kenyan and other Africa national parks.

The city patrons and national park wildlife are literal neighbors almost habituating in the same space.  There is an electric fence that separates the city area with the national park wilderness area.

The park sits at just over 5,000 feet (1,524 m) ranging from 5,030 feet to 5,774 feet (1,533 to 1,760 m) and although limited features a range of habitats and wildlife species.

Predator species include lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena.  Other large mammal species include buffalo, black rhino, baboon, eland, gazelle, hartebeest, hippopotamus, impala, giraffe, wildebeest, and waterbuck.

There is an abundance of bird species with the vulture and ostrich being two of the larger or more intriguing species.

Nairobi Highlights

Nairobi National Park is committed to protecting the endangered rhino and their efforts are one of the most successful in Africa.  Experiencing these magnificent creatures is certainly a highlight.

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a great way to breathe the fresh air and take in the wilderness that is a literal neighbor to one of the most industrial cities in Africa.

Trails of Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a chance to get out and walk in the national park, however, it is now a trail and self-guided walking is not permitted.

Nairobi Highlights

  • Rhino
  • Wildlife
  • Lion, leopard, and cheetah
  • Nairobi Safari Walk


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