Meru National Park

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Meru National Park is located in central Kenya about 220 miles (350 km) northeast of Nairobi.    The national park encompasses an area of 336 square miles (870 sq km).

The park provides visitors with a variety of nature encounters including jungle, grasslands, swamps, rivers, and landscape with an abundance of termite created mounds.  The Kenyan Wildlife Services describes Meru as “Complete Wilderness.”

The national park receives an abundance of rain allowing for the growth of tall grasses and the development of rich swamps.  This makes it a wildlife haven.

Wildlife is varied and plentiful.  Some of the more common species include elephant, black rhino, white rhino, hartebeest, reedbuck, zebra, and hippo.  Predator species include lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena. 

Birdwatchers are happy to learn that there are 427 species of birds to check off during an exploration of the park area.  Snake enthusiasts can hope for a chance to see pythons, puff adders, and cobras.

Meru National Park is the location where the famous George and Joy Adamson raised the lioness named Elsa.  The story was shared via the book and movie of which both were named Born Free.

The Tana River and Adamson’s Falls are also key features of the national park.  Adamson’s Falls is a cascading waterfall across rugged rocky terrain.

Mount Meru Highlights

The wildlife of Meru is the highlight of the national park.  Visitors can also see the home where George and Joy Adamson lived.  The waterfall named after the family is also a nice tourist attraction. 

The park also has a proximity to the tallest mountain in Kenya giving visitors a view of Mount Kenya.

Trails of Mount Meru National Park

Meru is a national park set aside for game viewing.  There are no trails or trekking in the park apart from exploring the immediate area near the Adamson’s home.


Meru Highlights

  • Location of Elsa
  • Wildlife
  • Mount Kenya
  • Adamson’s Falls


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