Sydney Harbour National Park

New South Wales, Australia Oceania icon Oceania

Sydney Harbor National Park is located in the southeastern part of Australia in the southeast of New South Wales. The national park boundaries encompass an area of only 1.5 square miles (3.92 sq km).

Most people think of the renowned Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Bridge when the think about the Sydney Harbor. The opera house is one of the most recognized structures in the world.

The park incorporates a portion of Port Jackson and parts of the city of Sydney. The renowned Sydney Harbor is at the heart of the park, however, there are many other facets of the area under the protection of the park. There is both natural tranquility with beaches, islands, and aquatic reserves along with cultural heritage through colonial and military features.

Landforms and cultural features within the park boundaries include:

  • Bradleys Head
  • Clark Island
  • Dobroyd Head
  • Fort Denison
  • Georges Head
  • Goat Island
  • Middle Head
  • Nielsen Park
  • Rodd Island
  • Shark Island
  • Sydney Heads

Sydney Harbor Highlights:

Sydney Harbor National Park is an opportunity to escape the hustle of the city and enjoy some of the serenity of the beaches and islands within the park. Bradleys Head provides views out of the harbor looking into the city with the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Bridge.

This is one of the first places in the world that welcomes in the new year with spectacular firework displays off of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic architectural structures in the world.

Sydney Harbour Highlights

  • Fort Denison
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Bridge


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